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93, RE: How do I generate more business to my website. Kiwigirl
Posted by DanLaBate, Fri Dec-01-06 09:23 AM
Here are some of my ideas on your business and some commentary on posts.

e-bay: Great place, but use it as a way to drive traffic to your website don't become an e-bay store, your product has potential for more upscale potential with the right market.

Canadian dollar/US dollar pricing is a good idea, you will only use one type of currency in the end, your cart total will be the problem for U.S. Citizens, maybe have a quick converter tool on the site.

Validate your HTML: you have errors including non closed </p tag should look like this </P>

It would be worth contacting an SEO/SEM Search Engine Optimizer/Search Engine Marketer if you have a marketing budget. We routinely fix code errors when contacted, it is very common with site builder programs.

PPC would work out as well, and is quick to get up running, since you are not a full seasonal business quick is not an issue for the holidays. An SEO can help you save money here, Yahoo and Google will also help set you up I believe.

* You products * Packaging *

It was hard for me to tell what I was looking at, I thought they were flowers, so good job on realism but this can hurt too, a lot.

Here is how:

1. If I show up to the site not looking for flowers or not interested I would just leave.

2. I would be unaffected by the creativity of your product because I never realized what it was.

3. I would never tell anyone about it because I never realized what it was. (referrals)

4. I would never consider it a good gift item for someone I knew - because I never realized what it was.

**Multiply ME(1) x 100 (visitors) x 10+ (referrals) a month = 1000 people a month spreading the word, knowing about your product etc.

This is not a real formula but you get what I mean.

Packaging and Professional Photos is very important for your product, I would definitely contact a packing professional or product marketing specialist in packaging.

(why not make baskets that look like baby carriers or strollers: get them professionally made too - not cheap but this is a big picture outlook for increasing profits by effective branding)

* New Web Site *
Not necessary but is a consideration if you are going to try to re-brand if you find that talking with a package/marketing professional or looking back at your brand identity.

* Why you should re-design *
You are using a lot of images for the design (not talking about your product photos), background images, top banner images etc. web developers use CSS not all images to make something look like it is an image.

Also SEO is better done from the ground up. (you do need some SEO work on the site)

Well that is a lot to digest, we have worked with many clients building web sites here in NY as well as around the U.S. and have seen the mistakes and misconceptions that people have about a website as well as how people perceive their own product. It is hard to look in from an outside perspective, that is why we ask others.

Hope I was helpful,

Dan La Bate
Creative Director/SEM
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