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Posted by Nancy, Wed Nov-29-06 06:11 PM
You have a very nice testimonial near the bottom of the page. I would move it to the top where you currently have "unique gift bouquets made with wonderful surprises." You should still have room for that copy although it would need to be smaller. However, I think it would look better a bit smaller anyway.

Testimonials are a great marketing tool, so it's to your benefit to make it as prominent as possible. If people have to scroll to see it, many of your visitors will never know it's there. (You could still leave the testimonial where it is at the bottom of your page.)

Put your URL on everything, and mention your website at every opportunity. Since your URL is composed of several words, try capitalizing each one so your website address is recognizable at a glance. This can make a big difference since many people will only glance at a business card, ad, etc. If you're printing anything in color, you could make each word in your URL a different color.

Speaking of business cards, carry them everywhere. If you have family members and friends who will help you market your business, mail several cards to each of them.

You could print the back of your card with a testimonial. Then, include a coupon code for people to order online. That gives them the incentive to at least keep the card, or maybe even pass it along to someone who might be interested.

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