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50, RE: How do I generate more business to my website. Kiwigirl
Posted by Strategist, Sun Oct-29-06 10:20 PM
While your site is very, very pretty, with very clear photos. However, its not selling me on your products.

You have great photos. However, as I read, I still can't figure out in the first few lines what you're selling.

The "above the fold" doesn't make me want to scroll down the page to learn more. It's too crowded. I'd make it match your other pages.

You said that "everyone said it was a great idea"... Was this people you didn't know? Did you do market research? Have you developed an ideal client profile?

I don't see an address on your site. Very important if you want someone to buy from you.

I'd change "About" to About YourName" and include a picture of you. If you are a mom, tell me up front, if not, don't tell me.

Your titles include the word Canada. Are you just selling in CA? If not, remove the Canada. OR for a year, you might consentrate on the Canadian market.

Include testimonials on the pages.

Home page...
Get rid of "Welcome" on home page.
make the top of the page, look more like
Put photo of a baby on the right side of the top of the page.

So much of the home page is words. If you have products, I'd look to put more of the specific products on the page.

Maybe check out the better wedding product sites to see how they set up the home page.

You make Americans have to do extra work to find out how much to pay. I understand why. However, the more clicks someone has to make, the more they'll click off - I'd list CDN/USA prices.

On this page you tell me that: At times, it may be necessary to substitute an article of clothing - the substitution would be a piece of clothing of equal value or greater value. Get rid of that. You're chasing away business. If someone orders something and you don't have it, give them the choice of their money back or another item. Then have them make the choice.
Get permission to use the persons full name, city/state-providence/country. That's more credible.

I would put this on the bottom of every page or maybe underneath your navigation bar.

"Complimentary gift wrapping and gift card included with each order!"

I can't tell what products are in each basket. I know you "write" what they are, but your viewers need to see what they are.

And your site has a 0/10 rating in Google, meaning that you haven't submitted it to search engines. Learn more at look for Search Engines under Ecommerce.

OK That's some of what I see. ;)