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146, RE: How do I generate more business to my website. Kiwigirl
Posted by kalew08, Fri Apr-13-07 07:33 AM

I am interested in learning how much success you have had with your site and what techniques you used. You received a lot of great advice. I took a look at your website and I thought it was very well presented, and beautiful gift baskets. Online exposure is a great tool, provided your site obeys the rules.

I do have a few suggestions for your website:
1)Perhaps you can reduce the size of your logo - on 800x600 res. it is HUGE. While many people use the native res. of 1024x768, some use 800x600, for them it's a bit overwhelming
2)The title meta tag on your main page's code could use a bit of work, a bit spammy. A Search Engine no-no
3)Your H1 tag - which is presented at the very top edge of the first page - seems a bit out of place and appears spammy. At first I thought these were links. I would suggest something like "Unique baby gift baskets" as your H1 tag, placed at the beginning of your first paragraph, then expand from there.
4) Keywords are very important to attract your targeted audience to your website. They must be placed within the content of your website pages. Baby gift baskets, as one key phrase, is a very competetive phrase to target within search engines. While it is important to target for this phrase, it is also important to determine why your baby gift baskets are better than everyone else's. This will allow you to come up with keywords and keyphrases that will really attract people to purchase your products.
5) Remember: all of your website's pages are potential 'landing pages', pages that someone may find while doing an internet search. All pages should be optimized.

OK, enough said for now. I would be happy to assist further if you would like. I am a Search Engine Optimizer (I call it website optimizer), trying to get started on my own, and would be happy to assist. Please e-mail me if you would like more info.

Kathleen Lewis