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Posted by Boomer57, Mon Nov-26-07 04:22 AM

Hi Patsy:

Your 'contact us' page is much improved and the photo replacing the clip art of the mouse also looks more professional. (You may want to increase your 'cell padding' or 'cell spacing' between the new photo and the word graphics next to it. Right now, it looks too squeezed together.) The header IS looking noticeably better, though.

The only other things that jump out at me, at the moment, is the animated Santa and the spinning red arrow. Kinda reminds me of a blinking neon sign at a roadside diner. Sure the waving Santa is 'cute', but, from an ecommerce/design standpoint, it projects somewhat of an amatuerish image and is distracting.

However, I think the changes you've made so far will improve your site visitors' first impressions, and that you ARE on the right track!

Joel Sussman
Marketing Strategist/SEO Writer
Mountain Media