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Posted by Boomer57, Wed Nov-21-07 07:25 AM
Hi Patsy:

Getting some objective feedback on your web site is a great idea because it's easy to 'get too close to the trees to see the forest' (or is it the other way around?).

Site visitors tend to get spooked' by a web site that looks remotely unprofessional, difficult to navigate, or confusing in any way. Potential customers are leary of revealing their credit card number to a site that doesn't instill them with high level of trust and comfort. For example, your 'contact us' page should probably include your business phone number so you seem more accessible and established. Also, if it's possible to fine-tune your spam filtering system (or get some effective spam blocking software) rather than not including a linked email address on your contact page, that would help instill more customer confidence. Another approach could be to establish a secondary email address, which could be changed if the volume of spam got too heavy.

Here are four more suggestions which could make a significant difference in the impression your site creates. 1) Have a professional-looking logo designed instead of using the clip art of the mouse. Another alternative to clip art would be to use a piece of stock photography that reflects your business or customers. 2) Consider adding a paragraph of text toward the top of the page that summarizes what your offerings are, and possibly mentions things that would give people confidence in doing business with you, such as your guarantee of satisfaction, 48 hour shipping, how long you've been doing business on the web, and whether you have a secure ordering process (I didn't see any sign of that, but I might have missed it.) The text should not only be informative, but it should repeat keywords that could help improve your search engine positioning. 3) If I was a potential customer, I'd find it frustrating that I couldn't click on the words 'About us' and get information about your company and the people behind it. 4) Animated graphics should be used in moderation if at all. They're distracting, at best.

Those are a few thoughts off the top of my head.
'Hope that helps!'

Joel Sussman
Marketing Strategist/SEO Writer
Mountain Media
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