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270, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Pat and Alix, Thu Oct-25-07 01:21 AM

I took a quick look, and saw things I'd like to buy :) It was a very quick look but my first impression, until I saw the menu on the side was that all you sold was flags.

When digging a bit further, there wasn't any information, even under an individual design, as to what your nightlights are made of. It would be nice if there was more product information.

So...I'd suggest more info. I found more of a description of what your business is about and what your website offers via your code (did a view source) when looking at your keywords.

I'd re-do that front page, put up some content rich text, and a few images of from the various categories of what you offer.

I also highly recommend you consider joining, which has an active and helpful small business list that I think you might find enjoyable.
Pat and Alix P. Curl