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Topic subjectWebsite not generating much revenue -- help
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266, Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Patsy, Sat Nov-03-07 06:40 AM
Have had this site for a long time now -- years ago it produced a much better stream of revenue. Within the past year or so, the revenue has dropped a good bit. Have just signed up with Google Adwords and with a week's run I can't tell the difference in sales.

Am wondering if I could get some lookers to view my front page and tell me (and I'll brace myself) what I need to do in order to entice lookers on to the products. My tracker shows a good bit of daily visits with over half leaving from the front page within about 15 seconds.


Laurel Hill Creations
267, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by phardytech, Wed Oct-24-07 03:03 PM
Hi Patsy,

Who is your market? Hint: it's not everyone.

Have you visited and subscribed to our complementary online retail newsletter (1/2 way down the left-hand side of the page)?

We give away $200 - $300 worth of recommendations every single month at least once a month covering some of the things you need to implement to succeed in retail. Actually, we give away more than that during the holiday season - which is now.

In addition, if you'd like to chat, give me a call. I can be reached at work at 800-896-4022.


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272, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Patsy, Thu Oct-25-07 03:23 AM
Just signed up for the newsletter --


270, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Pat and Alix, Thu Oct-25-07 01:21 AM

I took a quick look, and saw things I'd like to buy :) It was a very quick look but my first impression, until I saw the menu on the side was that all you sold was flags.

When digging a bit further, there wasn't any information, even under an individual design, as to what your nightlights are made of. It would be nice if there was more product information.

So...I'd suggest more info. I found more of a description of what your business is about and what your website offers via your code (did a view source) when looking at your keywords.

I'd re-do that front page, put up some content rich text, and a few images of from the various categories of what you offer.

I also highly recommend you consider joining, which has an active and helpful small business list that I think you might find enjoyable.
Pat and Alix P. Curl
273, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Patsy, Thu Oct-25-07 03:26 AM
Thanks for the suggestions -- will give the website a little lift this week-end.

I LOVE -- thanks for address!

277, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Reg DCP, Fri Nov-02-07 09:09 AM
Hi Patsy,
In looking at your site it could use a bit of SEO and some body text to inform and direct.

Just having a list of products is not enough.

I would also consider elaborating on who you are and including a phone number and postal address. Both of these will help conversions.

278, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Boomer57, Wed Nov-21-07 07:25 AM
Hi Patsy:

Getting some objective feedback on your web site is a great idea because it's easy to 'get too close to the trees to see the forest' (or is it the other way around?).

Site visitors tend to get spooked' by a web site that looks remotely unprofessional, difficult to navigate, or confusing in any way. Potential customers are leary of revealing their credit card number to a site that doesn't instill them with high level of trust and comfort. For example, your 'contact us' page should probably include your business phone number so you seem more accessible and established. Also, if it's possible to fine-tune your spam filtering system (or get some effective spam blocking software) rather than not including a linked email address on your contact page, that would help instill more customer confidence. Another approach could be to establish a secondary email address, which could be changed if the volume of spam got too heavy.

Here are four more suggestions which could make a significant difference in the impression your site creates. 1) Have a professional-looking logo designed instead of using the clip art of the mouse. Another alternative to clip art would be to use a piece of stock photography that reflects your business or customers. 2) Consider adding a paragraph of text toward the top of the page that summarizes what your offerings are, and possibly mentions things that would give people confidence in doing business with you, such as your guarantee of satisfaction, 48 hour shipping, how long you've been doing business on the web, and whether you have a secure ordering process (I didn't see any sign of that, but I might have missed it.) The text should not only be informative, but it should repeat keywords that could help improve your search engine positioning. 3) If I was a potential customer, I'd find it frustrating that I couldn't click on the words 'About us' and get information about your company and the people behind it. 4) Animated graphics should be used in moderation if at all. They're distracting, at best.

Those are a few thoughts off the top of my head.
'Hope that helps!'

Joel Sussman
Marketing Strategist/SEO Writer
Mountain Media
Web design, marketing, and ecommerce services
279, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Strategist, Fri Nov-23-07 07:55 PM
Joel had some excellent remarks.

Years ago with less competition, unprofessional looking sites, were OK. I know I have a few left in my group of sites.

However, that won't do any longer. Like things that move on a site, no longer a good thing.

I'd take a look at your competitions site -- actually the tops in your field. And between the ideas you've been given here, and what you pick up from the competitions site, you do much better.

281, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Patsy, Sun Nov-25-07 06:18 AM
Joel and Maria,
Thanks...... I've rewritten my "contact us" page as well as changed the front page header. Do you mind checking it out and letting me know if I'm on the right track with your suggestions?

282, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Boomer57, Mon Nov-26-07 04:22 AM

Hi Patsy:

Your 'contact us' page is much improved and the photo replacing the clip art of the mouse also looks more professional. (You may want to increase your 'cell padding' or 'cell spacing' between the new photo and the word graphics next to it. Right now, it looks too squeezed together.) The header IS looking noticeably better, though.

The only other things that jump out at me, at the moment, is the animated Santa and the spinning red arrow. Kinda reminds me of a blinking neon sign at a roadside diner. Sure the waving Santa is 'cute', but, from an ecommerce/design standpoint, it projects somewhat of an amatuerish image and is distracting.

However, I think the changes you've made so far will improve your site visitors' first impressions, and that you ARE on the right track!

Joel Sussman
Marketing Strategist/SEO Writer
Mountain Media
283, RE: Website not generating much revenue -- help
Posted by Leo_Andre, Tue Dec-04-07 05:25 PM

I had the same problem with my online clothing store,, a while back. Have you compared your prices with other stores that offer similar products? That is one of the main reasons why people leave as soon as they see the first page of products. If you don't already, you should offer electronic coupons, or just flat out deals like, "if you purchase 3 items, s&h is free", or "$5 if you purchase more than $30 worth of items", etc. Another issue may be your keywords that you are using for adwords. People may be searching for 'x' and 'y' but when the get on your page, they notice that that is not what they are looking for. There are many advices I can offer, so if you need more, send me an email or check out my sites.

Leo Andre

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