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258, Lap top computers
Posted by Richard E, Wed Sep-12-07 06:14 PM
Can any one help me, I am going to start a computer repair service and do not know where to find lap top computers to repiar. I am going make the repairs and resell them and if they can not be repaired I will keep those for parts.
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Posted by phardytech, Thu Sep-13-07 02:52 AM
#1 - MARKETING (this includes NETWORKING)

This is how you're going to find laptop computers (or anything else) to repair.

If people don't know about you then they will not come to you for repairs.

#2 - Authorized repair shop

If you become an authorized repair shop for someone like Dell, HP or someone else, you can have business funneled in your direction.

Hope this helps.


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Posted by rachelmartinez, Thu Sep-13-07 07:34 AM
Partner with your local office supply store and sponsor a community computer recycling day. Send out press releases to every paper and tv station in your area. Offer to donate a computer or two, after being cleaned and fixed up, to a senior community center or other group for an even better chance at free publicity. Make this a periodic event so people think of you when their computers get outdated or need repair.

There are a lot of variations to this idea. See what will work in your area.
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Posted by advancedstudio, Sun Sep-16-07 04:03 PM
I know of several people that have bought computers off of ebay that were just in need of repair. People sell broken computers on ebay for pennies on the dollar.
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Posted by BGen, Sun Mar-02-08 08:29 AM
Plz Check

My team developed the complete system for our client and also did online marketing. The business is really doing great.

If you could search laptop repair, dell laptop repair....etc in google you will find it on the top ranks.

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Posted by asifjan1, Fri Apr-18-08 10:47 PM
i also need an idea . i want to make site like , but i dont know who will do this for me. and what should i offer in my site.,, i need some new ideas.
328, RE: Lap top computers
Posted by HelpMeIT, Sat Apr-19-08 09:25 PM
Try your local schools. They are always getting rid of them I know where I work we have older laptops that we no longer use and they just take up space. Where I work we have about 8 laptops just taking up space.

Local schools might just like that they always need the space.

Good luck