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Posted by pinkkat, Mon Aug-20-07 02:29 PM
Has anyone here used Yahoo stores to sell their product? I've been using Ebay for a couple of years and I'm finding I'm very limited on what I can do with my store there. Also, as my inventory increases, so are my costs to list as there is a listing fee for each item. From what I gather, yahoo stores have unlimited items, you can use your own domain name, have more options on design, etc. My question is do you think you get as much or more exposure on yahoo stores as you do on ebay? Thanks!
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Posted by nielsencl, Sun Sep-02-07 08:49 AM
Unless it's changed, just having a Yahoo store doesn't give you any special exposure. I would contact some other Yahoo store owners or check out their forums or Yahoo groups and see what others are saying.

With any website you should consider doing some marketing to help it get found. On the positive side, you can mention your own web site to those that you communicate with on ebay and start getting some traffic that way. Your ebay store and auctions can help drive a lot of traffic to a web site if you do it right and stay within ebay's rules.

You can also just get a domain name, hosting account, and set up a store on your own and save a lot of money, but you will need help or the time to learn how it all works. If you are an experienced ebay seller you should have the ability to do that if you also have the time. :-)

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Posted by hostingdiva, Thu Sep-06-07 01:38 PM
Most people have their own website in addition to doing stuff on Ebay. While Ebay fees have increased, they also do a lot of advertising so you get more customers than you would with your own website at the start. Generally, those who have their own sites use Ebay to drive additional traffic to their website. As the previous poster said, Yahoo doesn't do anything for other than give you a website - they don't advertise the website for you.

For the features you get with Yahoo, there are other services out there (see my sign at the bottom) that will do the same thing and you won't have to spend the extra money. Plus note that with Yahoo, you get free support for an hour and each additional hour costs you money.