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235, India Web design firms
Posted by sabsils, Tue Jul-17-07 06:51 AM
Does anyone know of any?
237, RE: India Web design firms
Posted by hostingdiva, Wed Jul-25-07 10:41 AM
Check out There are a ton of them on there bidding on projects.

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Posted by fishrang, Thu Jul-26-07 02:30 PM
I know you said you were looking for web designers in India, but I know of someone in Bangladesh who can design websites for you.

Contact Syeef at He can pretty well design any kind of site you need. Including ecommerce and flash sites.

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Posted by advancedstudio, Mon Jul-30-07 01:07 PM
Your going to fall out of your chair when you see what poor quality you get when outsourcing.
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Posted by DanLaBate, Tue Jul-31-07 09:40 AM
>Your going to fall out of your chair when you see what poor
>quality you get when outsourcing.

I would disagree with this statement, there are many talented individuals around the world both in design & programming. It is possible to get bad service and quality from anyone, buyer beware.

These are some common problems with offshore solutions:

1. Communication: There is a language barrier even when English is being spoken that can result in misinterpretations.

2. Coding: I have found that the HTML code is poorly commented, or even worse, it is in their first language. If you ever hire another designer they may have to take longer to make changes or updates to your site.

3. Time differences: Communicating in real time is not a convenient option when dealing with India, currently is is 4:30 PM in NY, and 2:00 AM in India. Being 9 1/2 hours out of sink can cause a scheduling problem. Look at this world clock to see what I mean.

4. Power Failures: This one may sound odd and is not necessarily a major factor, black outs are a common in occurrence in India. Phone conversations, and delays can happen because of the rolling black outs. If your scheduled to do a phone in meeting and the grid is down, you will have to wait until the next day to reschedule, especially with the time differences.

So, when considering an offshore solution vs. home grown talent keep these potential problems in mind when choosing your source for web design & development services. You should ask questions, see examples of work, have good contact information, payment methods (PayPal is ideal), and make sure the situation works best for you.

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Posted by Barcelona, Mon Aug-20-07 04:11 PM
Try to stay away from outsourcing your work! You will get WHAT you pay for... the QUALITY of design is a little poor and they don't deliver on-time (we are in a rush rush in the US, in India they really don't understand GET IT DONE on time!)
324, RE: India Web design firms
Posted by salted, Mon Apr-14-08 09:24 AM
I've been a little leary of encrouaging anyone to outsource to India as well because it seems like the design work over there is a dime a dozen. Having said that, the US has an unlimited number of design firms as well and alot of them are not quality either. Is there a particular reason you are interested in India specifically? Is it for the price? Just make sure you check them out thoroughly before going with a company, just as you would here in the US, so you don't get disapointed.
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Posted by SibylW, Tue Mar-25-08 01:32 PM
You can also try It seems to be a bit more user friendly and it's for all kinds of projects, not just programming.
323, RE: India Web design firms
Posted by EV, Fri Apr-11-08 06:30 PM
I did extensive research on this topic when I was researching a firm to design my e-commerce site. I chose Dassanagar in India. They are very good, have a good reputation, and have many US clients.

I even had my American technology guru friend review the Scope of Work (which was 20 pages) and he agreed that what they proposed was really good and I couldn't go wrong.

They have two web sites: - for small business and start-ups. - services for big corps

Here is a web site that they recently did:

The only set-back, if you can even call it that, is the time difference. They are working while I'm sleeping so if we set-up a conference call via Skype it is usually around 9 or 10 p.m. for me.

HOWEVER, when I wake up I have emails waiting for me with updates. It's almost like a fairy tale where little elves work at night while the princess sleeps. .:-)

The language barrier isn't so much of an issue for me when emailing back and forth. Plus, I provide them with all my content so if the content is wrong it is my fault.

Anyway, if you haven't chosen a firm, and would like more information send me an email to and I'll give you more info.

Best of Luck,

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Posted by Phanntom, Mon Apr-14-08 07:24 PM
I looked at your site...I think it's great. I can't imagine it would be any better had it been done here in the US.
Good luck...
561, RE: India Web design firms
Posted by rahuldhull, Mon Nov-23-15 04:25 AM
"India Web design firms" ? Can you share URL too.
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Posted by webprecision, Tue Apr-26-16 05:52 AM
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