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Posted by DanLaBate, Wed Jul-11-07 03:00 AM
If you already have a merchant account that is great, step one complete, you will however have to use a merchant gateway such as or VeriSign to handle the actual processing of the CC's.

Also you will need an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer)the little lock icon that gives you the https:// and makes the process secure.

You should look for at least a 128bit encryption, you will see some hosts offer a free shared SSL certificate, with a shared certificate if someone clicks on the lock they won't get your information as the holder of the SSL, this may make someone uneasy. A regular SSL will display your contact/sign up information.

Look over this page we have on our website that gives more information about the topic.

We offer eCommerce site design, development, SSL certificates and more, call or email us with any questions you may have.


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