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Topic subject"How do I find profitable affiliate programs?
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219, "How do I find profitable affiliate programs?
Posted by mybiz, Sat Jun-23-07 09:23 PM
"How do I find profitable affiliate programs?"

That's the burning question that everyone wants
to know, right?
And then questions that usually follow from that
such as:
"Which keywords will I use?"
"What is the best ad copy to use?
An excellent new report is out by Chris Carpenter of
Google Cash, and is free by the way :-) reveals how
new technology is changing all of that.
get it here:

It shows you how you can actually know what affiliate
programs are actually profitable, which keywords to use,
and which Ad copy to use with near scary accuracy!
These are exciting times, indeed. However, those who
don't take advantage of this technology will be left
in the dust...pennyless. And those that do learn about
this and take full advantage will be more profitable than

Go read the report right now, before they take it down!