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176, Background Investigations Biz
Posted by Reggie77, Tue May-29-07 11:27 AM
For fun, I have been doing background checks for friends and friends of friends all the time until a friend suggested I start a biz doing it. My biz idea: offer a cd full of free public information websites and tips on how to perform background checks and/or I can do the check for them. Not an automated search, it would take me 2-3 days for a comprehensive search. Good idea? How can I advertise online? }(
215, RE: Background Investigations Biz
Posted by justsomeone, Tue Jun-19-07 10:09 AM


It sounds like a good idea.

I think that a fairly basic website could demonstrate your service and generate leads. If you charge a fixed price for the service, you could even sell it online.

You should be able to give some samples to show the sort of information you would be providing for the money. People get very cautious about these things.

Keywords and search engine optimisation will be vital as you start out.

Once the site is up and running, some targetted google advertising would be a good place to go.

If you're interested in discussing further, feel free to email me at