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Topic subjectHow Important is Website Optimization?!
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175, How Important is Website Optimization?!
Posted by Dallas42, Sun May-27-07 06:52 AM
This is not a question that I need an answer for, but rather, a question to provoke thought on this particularly important subject matter.

Most everyone knows that the internet is a powerful marketing tool, but just how to let people know how to find your website is a tough issue, unless you have alot of money to spend on advertising. Even then, it will depend on how well or marketed your advertiser is that will determine if your own site is found through the advertiser.

What exactly is "optimization"? In simple terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how the content of your website is written and submitted to the major search engines.

Several years ago, I decided to build my first website. I bought the necessary software to build websites and was successful in putting together a pretty nice little site. It was called Decals for Less and my desire was to start an online decal business. I spent several months putting this together, yet I had very little web traffic and very few sales. Most of my decals were sold through Ebay and people who found me there found my website this way. It was obvious that I needed traffic to my website if I were going to sell my decals.

I began looking at ways to do this and advertising was an option, so I tried Google Adwords. This was a "pay per click" program that allowed me to submit search terms that related to my business and if my site were found and someone clicked on my link, they would be directed to my website. The result was that I spent money, but made less.

Not willing to give up, I began looking at how search engines work and studying the art of SEO. It did take an extended period of time (years) to actually learn how to do this sucessfully, but ultimately, it was worth all the time spent.

Today, the part time decal business has become a full time sign company and ALL of my clients find me on the internet. The name of my company is Dallas Sign Company. If you use Yahoo search and type in Dallas Sign Company, you will find my company listed as #1. I am also at the top of MSN search results.

So, I ask the question: How important is website optimization? The answer is pretty obvious.

If you do not have a website, get one. Then, optimize your site or have it optimized by someone willing to guarantee results, in writing. You should also check to see if they have actually done this for another company with sucessful results. Beware of someone promising to do this only to pay Google or another search engine to list you as a "sponsored" listing.

I hope this information has helped someone in some way. If you have questions, please post them here so others can learn from the answers. I do not know everything about web developing and SEO, but if I can answer a question I will do so. I am sure that others here would be willing to help as well.

Good luck!

John Barton
Dallas Sign Company
178, RE: How Important is Website Optimization?!
Posted by Barcelona, Tue May-29-07 07:53 PM
Any advice on my site KW: wine bottle cover

179, RE: How Important is Website Optimization?!
Posted by Dallas42, Wed May-30-07 01:21 AM
I have taken a look at both of your websites, both of which look very professionaly created by the way. They do lack in their keyword discriptions and meta-tags and those that are there are not linked to anything on your site.

180, RE: How Important is Website Optimization?!
Posted by Barcelona, Wed May-30-07 05:49 AM
I cheked the Meta Tags and Validated the html... I am not sure what you mean by those that are not linked?!

Thanks so much for your help and input! I really do appreciate it!

:) :) :) :) :)
181, RE: How Important is Website Optimization?!
Posted by advancedstudio, Fri Jun-01-07 10:20 AM
For your keywords and meta tags to be effective they must relate to your content. Make sure your keywords words that you have used within writing your content and such. There is alot to getting something SEO'd
183, Re: Optimize? How about just add content?
Posted by hostingdiva, Sat Jun-02-07 11:05 AM
I think people get all caught up with this optimization thing thinking they have to do something special when all you really need to do is add content. Every word on your website counts as a keyword - which is why having text is so important.

Also, if optimization worked as well as some people say it does, don't you think wal-mart would be coming up number one for just about every single product search? It doesn't happen.. if they can't do it, then... I think that should tell you something.

But, that's just my opinion....:-)