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Topic subjectYou're kidding.. Right???
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202, You're kidding.. Right???
Posted by pegeler, Sat Jun-09-07 09:19 AM
>There are several company's that pay you 50-100 per day just
>to take online survey (or click on links) take a look on
> and you will find them
Every, and I do mean EVERY company that "pays" $50-$100 fo "online surveys" requires you to: Get a Credit Card, Sign up for a service, or buy a product.

I've been working online and checking out the so called "survey" offers for years. It's 99% ####. The 1% that isn't, usually offers a few cents, to a few dollars, and is very selective.

One final note.. the $50-$100 deals kind of leave out the "fine print" until you sign up. That's when you'll read "You'll have the opportunity to qualify for our drawing..." blah, blah, blah.