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164, Start a home-based Business
Posted by joseph_675, Wed May-09-07 11:34 PM
I am looking to start a home-based business. I started with the whole herbalife thing and I hated everything about it. I?m not a salesman; I don?t want to tell my story, no pyramid things. I just want to spend time on the computer doing tedious tasks that make me money. I know this question is worn out, but does anyone have any suggestions that would meet those criteria??? Thanks, I have enjoyed the forum.
166, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by desmond4m, Thu May-10-07 06:15 PM
Hi there,

I have heard HerbalLife is a difficult business to build.

From my experience, most people do not want to sell and are not comfortable selling. A traditional MLM model based on buying and then trying to resell an inventory is not something most people are able to succeed with. I found an interesting site which gives excellent idea about home-based business. It?s worth trying.
168, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by carlar9, Wed May-16-07 02:34 AM
You need to do something you are familiar with and comfortable with. There are a lot of get rich quick schemes out there that will waste your time and money. Do some research, start with something you really like or love. For instance, I love dogs and I started out breeding Yorkies and Dachshunds. That love grew into owning two online pet boutiques. And I still love doing it.
170, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by lewgard08, Mon May-21-07 07:58 AM
I agree with Carlar9. There are a TON of scams out there. I would hate for anyone to get caught-up in one of them. Searching for tedious tasks to do on the computer can be extremely time consuming for little money. If you like to do tedious tasks, why not start a "tedious task" business? Actually let people know you are willing to do their computer work and charge them a set rate per hour.

As the old saying goes, think of something you like to do - and will continue to like to do two years from now. If you have a interest today, will you be interested in it a few years down the road?

Think of all the things that can be done with what you like to do. For instance, if you like to garden, think of starting a plant nursery. Then you can expand into offering garden design service, then, as your company grows, you can offer landscaping...

Encouraging women to start and run a business
187, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by hostingdiva, Sat Jun-02-07 01:27 PM
You're going to have to be a salesman no matter what business you choose because you're going to have to promote yourself one way or another... if you're just looking to do tedious tasks.. well... that's called a job :-) and not your own business...

So, find something you do and that will help you get over your lack of salesmanship because it will be easy to talk about :D

188, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by Ready Websites, Sat Jun-02-07 08:29 PM
Well, I guess you can start a blog andput some ads on it, this is easiest thing, but you will need to write something interesting, keep it updated and get some traffic, this will get you some income.
and you can get some of our ready websites : they are e-commerce ready with the management section and income channels integrated.
Good Luck
200, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by pegeler, Sat Jun-09-07 05:37 AM

Three ways to make money online. (Without spending a bundle.)

1) Affiliate Marketing.

2) Sales of your own digital products. (Ebooks, reports, etc.)

3) Selling on Ebay. (You can start for a buck!)


Is THIS what you're lookin for?

201, RE: Start a home-based Business
Posted by Barcelona, Sat Jun-09-07 08:59 AM
There are several company's that pay you 50-100 per day just to take online survey (or click on links) take a look on and you will find them

202, You're kidding.. Right???
Posted by pegeler, Sat Jun-09-07 09:19 AM
>There are several company's that pay you 50-100 per day just
>to take online survey (or click on links) take a look on
> and you will find them
Every, and I do mean EVERY company that "pays" $50-$100 fo "online surveys" requires you to: Get a Credit Card, Sign up for a service, or buy a product.

I've been working online and checking out the so called "survey" offers for years. It's 99% ####. The 1% that isn't, usually offers a few cents, to a few dollars, and is very selective.

One final note.. the $50-$100 deals kind of leave out the "fine print" until you sign up. That's when you'll read "You'll have the opportunity to qualify for our drawing..." blah, blah, blah.