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Topic subjectHow can I start home-based business?
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160, How can I start home-based business?
Posted by joseph_675, Sun May-01-11 10:34 PM
hi all,

I have my own pc in my home. Want to start home-based business and also having internet connection with me. Can I get regular commission out of it? Is it advisable to start, anyone have experience please share and explain.


161, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by carlar9, Tue May-08-07 01:34 AM
This is a little too vague for me to be able to respond adequately. How about giving a little more information. Such as what kind of home-based business are you thinking of starting. Giving more information might get you a few more responses.
162, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by desmond4m, Tue May-08-07 09:39 PM
hi ,
there are several marketing strategies available in the internet. but have to decide the trusted one otherwise the result is u will loose ur time and u will never get the commission regularly. Also before get started with anything you have to learn much about that for that its better to read this site and you will find some good knowledge and how to increase your revenue using internet marketing.

Hope this helps
385, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by Johnhanry, Tue Nov-25-08 08:29 PM
Everyone has absolutely excellent advice.Everyone trying to outdo each other with offerings, promos, new gizmos and what not. Only very few really are giving out the genuine basics, the true foundations of internet marketing.
386, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by bitterxwife, Sun Nov-30-08 01:49 PM
I agree -- your message was a bit too vague.

There are tons of people here on this forum who are eager to help you, if only you would come back and provide a bit more information.

And there are tons of businesses that can be run from home on a computer, depending on your skills, education, previous knowledge, and interests.

There are cases where people who don't have a college degree (and even some who never graduated from high school) are making millions of dollars from home with their computer because they sat down, make out a plan, created their own products or services, and got busy.

Do you have any hobbies or interests? Do friends consider you an expert in these areas? If so, you could turn that knowledge into money.

Are there some topics that you are interested in and would like to learn more about? Make money by sharing that information with others as you go through the learning process.

If you don't want to create your own products or services, there are thousands of products to sell through affiliate programs.

So many options!

Tell us more...
392, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by michaelyxl2000, Thu Dec-25-08 03:51 PM
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If you are interested, let me know.

Marketing manager
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Posted by j151, Tue Dec-02-08 06:48 AM
No message
405, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by ddesm, Fri Jan-16-09 12:01 PM
You can create a blog about something you have knowledge in and add text ads. You might try "Commission Junction"

Daryl Desmarais
406, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by Stellina99, Wed Jan-21-09 09:26 PM
I have not much experience about it.But I would like to know about it.


Home Based Business

407, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by annalaurabrown, Sat Jan-24-09 04:18 PM
There are tons of things you could do.
Here are just a few ideas.

info products
affiliate marketing
blogging and selling ads
ghost writing
network marketing or direct sales with a company such as scrapbooking, candles, cooking, cosmetics, and more. This option would require you to work outside of the home part of the time but quite frankly would be the easiest and most profitable.
466, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by secretfriend1, Sun Oct-04-09 09:07 AM
I am have several new websites that sell basicly private label dietary supplements and skincare items.I am looking for someone with experience in out of the box promotional experience.Do you do promotion?
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Posted by j18bravo, Mon Oct-05-09 01:08 AM
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499, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by djcmilton, Wed Aug-11-10 06:53 PM
Find or build a legitimate website that offers a product or services that people really want or need (do your homework). Then make sure your product or service is competitively priced (do your homework). Then create exposure for your website the internet. There are a number of ways to achieve this - traffic exchanges, pay-per-click, forums like this one, word of mouth, social websites... (Do your homework). You see, home-based businesses are just like any other business - they require lots of work, there are no free rides.
506, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by spiceoflife1, Thu Sep-30-10 10:20 AM
It's very easy to start a home-based business, but I'm with a lot of folks here, you have to have something to put on the table. You need to decide WHAT you want to do, and then you can go from there.

There are a lot of people salivating at this very moment from your general query-people interested in separating YOU from what's in your wallet; so I would suggest before you begin, start with a plan. You have to have some goals before you can play the game, right?

Dogs will run away if they aren't on a leash, so you need to learn how to walk them properly. With proper exercise, you'll both learn how to run. Maybe a poor metaphor for this discussion, but if you first don't know how to use your tools, they really aren't going to do you a lot of good. So, you either need training, someone to help you, or someone to do it for you.

Choose a business that will match the time you have to invest in it. If you already have a day job and are doing this as a hobby on the side for extra cash, be very careful that you are operating within your locality's parameters because most of them require a home-based business license; and of course you are responsible for the taxes on any sales and such.

Is your business based on products you create, services you maintain or something else?

Someone already asked you "what are you good at" and that is one of the best places to start. If you are wanting to step outside of your own skillset then you need to learn new skills, and become an expert. Do you trust someone who is NOT an expert at what they are doing? I have 2 hobby-based businesses and one consulting business. Each of these businesses are very specialized and precise, have their own customer bases and their own mission. What is YOUR mission?

You can also find a need... Every day people say "I wish someone would come up with a way to..." and they don't think about the fact that THEY are someone. THEY can do it. But first, look and see if it is or has already been done. Just because you haven't seen it yet, does not mean it isn't there. Research is a huge part of starting and maintaining any home-based or even a brick and mortar business.

Just my 2 cents worth... Good luck!

Connie and David Spicer, Artists/Entrepreneurs
513, RE: How can I start home-based business?
Posted by rmbohra, Sat Apr-16-11 12:27 AM
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Posted by Freddiewidener, Tue Apr-26-11 04:05 AM
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