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Posted by ZeroGCreative, Tue Jun-05-07 12:00 PM
It looks like you have some great products, but think of how you are presenting them. Wine companies market to their target audience by using very elegant, sosphicated marketing campaigns. Just look at a wine bottle label. You are targeting the same market. Your look should appeal to your target audience. A more simple, elegant, cleaner and easier to navigate website will appeal more to your target audience. If people have any trouble navigating your site...they will leave it--instantly. There are so many choices out there for consumers, they won't waste their time trying to get around your site, when they can just go to someone else's.

Excellent first impressions are ESSENTIAL. Anyone can tell a template website designed by an novice from a professionally designed website. The more professional you look...they more trust you will get from potential customers. If your website looks 2nd class...they will think your product will be 2nd class as well and purchase else where.