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Topic subjectHow to get my idea off the ground
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103, How to get my idea off the ground
Posted by iwantmoney, Thu Dec-07-06 02:56 PM
Iv'e had an idea for a web based business for a little over a
year. I tried starting one up on myspace, and it was very
popular however it was too hard for me to run it with myspace.
It basically a forum, with a twist. I plan to get income from
account registrations, advertisements and from a newletter I
will be making. I need a site where every user can have their
own profile, to describe about what they are interested in and
thier history on the site. There will be competitions based on
debates. I dont want to get into too much detail obviously...

what I am looking for is what I need to do to start up? I know
it can get very big because it is such a unique idea and I
have many more ideas to get the business to grow. However I am
no webmaster or business expert. I need to know if I need to
get licences or anything else?? 

Also if anyone has recommendations on a web designer. This
site will be very big and will need to be able to support many
users on at the same time. I would like it to have im, chat
rooms, email and the ability to set up tournaments for
competitons. You could somewhat compare this idea to fantasy
sports. However this should be easier than a fantasy sports
site because there will be no need to track stats and update
them every day. 

If anyone is interested in helping me out, shoot me an e-mail
and I can fill you in with more specifics. Since I feel this
site could become very popular, I might be willing to partner
with someone if they know how to get it off the ground and is
an expert web designer/programmer.thanks
105, RE: How to get my idea off the ground
Posted by bizenez, Fri Dec-08-06 02:40 PM
I am a professional website designer and would be willing to talk to you about some solutions and how to set your site up. This will be a free consultation so email me at or contact me from my site at