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Posted by DBeavers, Mon Dec-11-06 04:55 AM

Everything in life isn't black and white, product vs. service-based, etc. I have found my niche in selling promotional advertising - The likeliest buyers are business & industry, clubs & organizations, and gov't agencies from the local school board to federal offices.

I've sold over $1 million in custom-printed promotional advertising in the past 5 years, without having inventory. My office is in a spare bedroom in my home.

Once the customer's order has been imprinted by the supplier (anywhere in the world), it is delivered to that buyer's chosen location - without passing through my office. I have sold hundreds of thousands of Bic pens (just one out of 3500+ sources) to people all across the U.S.

I'm the go-between for buyer who needs ink pens, coffee mugs, calendars, mouse pads, umbrellas, lapel pins, yardsticks, t-shirts, golf balls, or other items with their name/logo on them. I send the order and art to Kaeser & Blair, who forwards it to the chosen supplier.

I earn a commission on each and every order, with no guaranteed income. That discourages many prospective salespeople, but is in reality one of the fairest forms of compensation. Those who sell well earn excellent commissions. Those who can't sell, or are lazy, expecting the business to come to them, may leave the industry looking for greener pastures.

If you'd like to consider the prospects, visit my website for more details. There is no cost or obligation for the info or a dealership.

Dennis Bevers
"Twenty-two years in my one home-based business"