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998, Ideas and strategy in marketing and getting advertisers on our site(s)
Posted by cielo, Sat Apr-12-08 02:00 AM
Hello all,

This is my first post here so greetings and intro is in order.

We host two sites and In terms of hit rate and search results we are pretty successful....the sites receive around 20,000 unique visits per month. The sites are similar but one of them will be changed shortly to a blog site.

Our main focus is as an information site for folk who are either looking for or are employed as crew on superyachts. That could be from a deckhand to captain. We provide information, how-to's, articles on various subjects and also have a database online and off line where crew can post their details, CV's etc.

We are working constantly in making the site interesting, vibrant, informative and above all USEFUL to both sides of the superyacht industry. Those looking for work - crew. And those who are looking for crew, for example crew agents.

We want advertisers. You name them we want them. Superyacht crew are well paid and are generally in the mid 20's to 30's...they have money. They buy products, invest, holidays, adventure, insurance, training etc.

We need to attract all those service providers onto our site...thats is to say...paid advertising.

So. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have just joined with my partner in the existing business. Without going the spam route. I have done quite a bit of personal emailing with some success but I need to get more effective.

Sorry for the long post. All help will be greatly appreciated. By the way my partner is the wizard on the site. I need to be the wizard that sells it :-)

Two Moon Bay
'Keeping You ahead of the fleet'