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Topic subjectMarketing materials? How much $ is too much?
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99, Marketing materials? How much $ is too much?
Posted by rnaylor, Mon Oct-30-06 05:27 AM
Good afternoon all,
Just curious as to what a good price is to buy business cards. I want to purchase about 250 glossy ones, but don't want to be overcharged because there are so many sources to buy from. I've noticed that online companies charge a seemeingly small price for their cards, but make up for it with image upload charges and shipping. Please advise if you have any insight on this. I also need to know what type of marketing services would best help a new business get off the ground and how mudh should I pay for each service? (ex. marketing plan, market assessment,Press Release,Brand Development).
108, RE: Marketing materials? How much $ is too much?
Posted by QIS2468, Wed Nov-08-06 05:19 AM
Hello R

You are correct there are a lot of sources on-line and prices vary from free to the rediculous. Remember, you get what you pay for. You can get 250 free business cards as long as you allow the company to print thier name on the back but what does that say about your business to your potential clients. As well, the quality of card stock is usually less than desirable. The Image you portray with any marketing materials will either compell someone to do business with you or send them running in the other direction. Make sure the image you are putting out there is a quality one or the deal you got on the item is worthless.

If you are interested, I offer custom designed quality business cards at a very fair price.

Good Luck With what ever you choose to do.
109, RE: Marketing materials? How much $ is too much?
Posted by Barcelona, Wed Nov-08-06 12:07 PM
We design cards for 150-200 , as for the printing I Highly Recommend QUALITY and Service are GREAT! Ask for Gideon or Tony and tell them Alan sent you and they will take great are of you