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Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Mar-27-08 06:26 AM
>Help. I need to reach a certain target market and need
>ideas. I make memory bears (teddy bears made from special
>clothing items). Most of my business comes when someones
>passes away. Word of mouth advertising has been good but i
>need to step things up and need to market/advertise more. Any
>ideas on how to advertise to those that have just suffered a
>loss of a loved one. I am not trying to profit on their loss,
>I am trying to bring a little comfort into thier lives
>instead. I have brochures at several local funeral homes but
>have not had much of a response from them. Any ideas would be
>great. My web site is Web traffic
>is steady but not enough.
>Thanks for your help. Shannon

Maybe it's just me, but the remember the dead guy idea is kind of creepy. That may be part of why you're not flying with this great idea. Get out of the coffins and come into the land of the living...

I would certainly target the remember that special day bears: christening bears, wedding bears, first birthday bears, retirement bears, etc.

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