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Posted by Pepperfire, Fri Apr-04-08 06:29 AM
We have a newsletter feature ability enabled through our shopping cart software on our web.

All good intentions aside, we have been using Constant Contact for over two years now and although the program itself is worth every penny, make sure that you have the time to dedicate to putting the newsletter together regularly or have the employee who can dedicate the time to it, you are better off hiring a VA or Copywriter to put together your newsletter for you and send them regular links, info, etc. that you would want in that document. Also, once you've published (whether on paper or on the net), hardcopy it to your website immediately, so that it is always available (I am remiss in having done this) -- it will add great SEO to your site.

Before you start, know that the road to a cyber black hole for newsletters is paved with good intentions. :)

Good luck with it.

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
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