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Topic subjectRE: Can anyone help me with an idea, please? Need Feedback.
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978, RE: Can anyone help me with an idea, please? Need Feedback.
Posted by Pepperfire, Mon Apr-07-08 06:58 AM
> I need help coming up with some ideas that you think
>would be useful and relevant for retailers and restaurant
>owners. I want to create online tools for them, whether it be
>calculators or whatever. Can you think of anything that would
>be helpful? I appreciate your time.

One thing that would be useful would be a customized up to date supplier database. One that suppliers could add their info for free (allowing me access to a larger number of sources) and one that buyers could rate (allowing me to see how customers feel about the supplier).

When I need a new ingredient I would search this database for providers of that ingredient.

Perhaps I could contact them through the system, and you could add a qualification rating, such as "gold supplier" where you've verified their viability for us.

Something along the lines of Ali-baba, but that was Canadian and US based providers.

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