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936, RE: What to expect from a tradeshow?
Posted by only4promo, Fri Mar-21-08 05:23 AM

I own a promotional advertising company and I can tell you that conventions and tradeshows are the number one place where you will find my products. The problem is, is that most companies do not take the time to really get to know their demographic and dump their marketing dollars into something like pens and magnets which are not always the best type of promotional product. I took the liberty of looking at your site and you are targeting, at least it seems to me, a higher end client. With that being said, you want to make a lasting impression on those clients. A pen or a magnet may come across a bit cheesy or at least, unoriginal. I work with the catering and wedding industry in Florida and have been able to create some successful promotional campaigns for many of my customers. Something you may want to consider for the future are things like a custom imprinted journal. These are practical and classy looking. You can also have your logo imprinted on nice photo frames. These are just a couple of ideas.