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982, RE: How can I get more responses?
Posted by RegDCP, Mon Apr-07-08 08:43 AM
Hey Martin.

I have to agree with previous posts on getting professional help.
It does not have to be all that expensive.

The key in working online is to get your site listed on the first search page and ideally in the top 3

A Google search shows your PRIVATE ENGLISH LESSONS IN LONDON phrase to list you in 73rd spot on the main Google database and it is not in the top 100 in the UK search. You might want to think about going to a domain to take advantage of local search.

You might want to rethink your page content. *Might*? Heck you BETTER rethink your page content. As it is it looks like it has been written for the search engines. How many times does a visitor need to be told PRIVATE ENGLISH LESSONS IN LONDON? You have it at 11. Google might interpret this as spammy.

If you want an idea of what works check which is one of my creations for an Art school in Florida.
This site is only a couple of months old and here are some of the latest search engine queries for them

Give me a shout in IM Martin and let us see what can be done.
I am in the Pacific Time Zone. GMT-8