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Posted by Pepperfire, Wed Apr-09-08 06:41 AM
>In case this is useful still...
>An ice cream shop I know of was having the exact same problem.
>Great product, great location, but they just couldn't get
>people into the store to try it out and prove how much they
>would love it.
>They decided to have a 're-grand opening' and offered
>absolutely free ice cream (2 scoops, any flavor) to anyone
>that came into the store on a certain day between 12-7pm while
>supplies last. (You could give away absolutely free coffee -
>any size, any style - just turn off the cash register -
>They put an ad in the local neighborhood papers telling
>everyone about the free ice cream and what time to come get
>You could put up flyers all over your block and make sure
>every floor of every office building within 2-3 blocks has
>flyers/posters, etc.
>The day of the re-grand opening, they had lines out the door!
>People came from across town just to get a free ice cream (if
>they had charged $0.50 or only said vanilla ice cream, people
>probably wouldn't have been as willing to show up)
>It worked very well for them. Might work for you too.

I think this is a brilliant idea for someone who can afford to simply turn off their cash register, but I would think that the add-ons, the specialty coffees, the cookies, sandwiches, etc. are what would pay for the coffee giveaways, from a vendor standpoint that is.

Great idea.

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
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