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Posted by searstower, Tue Apr-08-08 10:18 AM
In case this is useful still...

An ice cream shop I know of was having the exact same problem. Great product, great location, but they just couldn't get people into the store to try it out and prove how much they would love it.

They decided to have a 're-grand opening' and offered absolutely free ice cream (2 scoops, any flavor) to anyone that came into the store on a certain day between 12-7pm while supplies last. (You could give away absolutely free coffee - any size, any style - just turn off the cash register - period.)

They put an ad in the local neighborhood papers telling everyone about the free ice cream and what time to come get it.

You could put up flyers all over your block and make sure every floor of every office building within 2-3 blocks has flyers/posters, etc.

The day of the re-grand opening, they had lines out the door! People came from across town just to get a free ice cream (if they had charged $0.50 or only said vanilla ice cream, people probably wouldn't have been as willing to show up)

It worked very well for them. Might work for you too.