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Posted by Pepperfire, Mon Apr-07-08 07:02 AM
>Nick.... It looks like I am a little late to the party here,
>and I see that you have gotten some good ideas from others,
>but what about offering Free WIFI at your place?
>There are a lot of sales people and small business owners who
>would love to have a place to go to, to sit and relax and do
>their work. And, a benefit is that they will probably stay
>longer too. And, if they stay longer, they will most likely
>order more.
>Get a really good, fast connection and don't charge for it.
>And, you can put an outlet at each table too, where they can
>plug in their laptops and charge up other items also.
>I travel around the country and I am always looking for places
>like that where I can go into and catch up on all of my
>Anyway... it's a thought. Good Luck!
>(Dealerships Available)

Oh YES! I agree. And PLEASE do not make it a pay per use service, I hate those. (You could put a "minimum charge" sign in the window, so that people weren't just buying a cup of coffee and sitting there for 10 hours, sort of thing -- Set it up so that it kicks the connection off after a certain amount of time.) When I'm out of town, I often look for such places to get online for those things that I can't manage to deal with on my phone.


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