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976, RE: In need or urgent marketing and sales help....!
Posted by nightsky, Fri Apr-04-08 06:00 PM
Nick.... It looks like I am a little late to the party here, and I see that you have gotten some good ideas from others, but what about offering Free WIFI at your place?

There are a lot of sales people and small business owners who would love to have a place to go to, to sit and relax and do their work. And, a benefit is that they will probably stay longer too. And, if they stay longer, they will most likely order more.

Get a really good, fast connection and don't charge for it. And, you can put an outlet at each table too, where they can plug in their laptops and charge up other items also.

I travel around the country and I am always looking for places like that where I can go into and catch up on all of my emails.

Anyway... it's a thought. Good Luck!

(Dealerships Available)

>I run a small coffee shop in Des Moines, Iowa. We are in
>kind of a rut. Out of the four stores in the Des Moines area
>we are always last in sales. I cannot figure this out. I am
>relentlessly marketing every week to all of the businesses in
>the surrounding area and nothing has changed. The customers
>that we do have LOVE everything about our store. The problem
>is getting people away from the starbucks and other major
>coffee chains around here. Please Help..!!
>Nick Fogle