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Posted by taj71, Mon Mar-10-08 04:56 PM

Depending on the foot traffic in front of your store, how about setting up a table in front and giving away small cups to passersby.Be sure to use a cup that has your logo or something to remember you by. Give them a coupon at this point as well, buy one get one free or "free upgrade" (large coffee for the price of a small), something like that.
Who else drinks coffee? Everyone. Do you have portable disposable containers that you can deliver to businesses. Find out when realtors have their weekly meetings and drop off free pot of coffee with your name or logo on the coffee container. Do the same at schools for the teachers lounge. Coupons left here would help as well.
Are you near a college? Drake? Do a promotion linked to their men's basketball team and how they fare in the NCAA tournament. Give away small coffee if they win a game, something along those lines.
Event marketing is my favorite. Set up a booth and sell cups of coffee for $.50. This is great exposure to people who may not see or know of your store.
Spring and summer are coming. Sponsor a float in a parade and hand out magnets w/ your info.
What is your slowest day of the week? Slowest hours of the day? Offer %50 off during that day or those hours.
Be creative, have fun with it.

Good Luck!