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Topic subjectHow to reach parents????
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82, How to reach parents????
Posted by lesliepichardo, Tue Oct-24-06 12:15 PM
The idea with my business is to reach a great amount of parents that are interested in the service I offer. What I have been doing up till now is sendind letters of introduction to principals in the nearby schools and asking them to organize an event at no cost or obligation to that school......Its not working, any ideas on how to reach my target? Please remember that in order to provide this service at an affordable price a considerable amount of children have to participate at the same time.

87, RE: How to reach parents????
Posted by Pepperfire, Wed Oct-25-06 10:51 AM
Try going to the school board level or to the PTA/Home and School committee. To my understanding, those are the only ways to get such things introduced to the schools.


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91, RE: How to reach parents????
Posted by michaels, Fri Oct-27-06 04:57 AM
Hi Leslie,
I agree with the School Board and PTA suggestion. I think you'd have better luck with them. You could also try sending letters to your local pediatricians office. Do you have a leave behind (brochure) that the parents could read see while they sit in the waiting rooms? You could also approach your local Girl Scout and Boy Scout office and see if you could do a brief presentation to the parents at a troop meeting. You could also approach the local Boys and Girls Club, martial arts studios that offer classes to children. You could also see if your local library will let you leave some brochures with them.

Hope that helps and if I can be of any more help.

94, RE: How to reach parents????
Posted by punkster_popple, Sun Oct-29-06 11:49 AM
Leslie -

The PTA/PTO is the way to go, principals have so much to do I'm sure they didn't even look at the letters.
You can also try day-care and any other child related business.
I've also seen child id drives in grocery stores and car dealerships. Pretty much any company that would want to appear as if they care about child safety and wants some parent traffic is a potential customer.

95, RE: How to reach parents????
Posted by Strategist, Sun Oct-29-06 09:04 PM
What are you selling?

How long is the letter you're writing?

Does the letter stress the benefits of your service? Or are you doing what most business owners do... talk about the services?