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987, RE: Need input on marketing (regular and on the web.)
Posted by Phanntom, Mon Apr-07-08 07:51 PM
Hi Knot...

A functional website requires a lot of time consuming work. I can appreciate you're wanting to expand your market but I don't think the internet is the right route for you. I'd bet if I ordered a chair or table from you the cost to ship it to me would be nearly as much as the product. The internet isn't right for every product.

Look at several of your products and check into the cost to ship it to Florida or California...I'm sure you'll find the cost to be prohibitive. Take the price of one of your products and determine what 5% of it is. Say a small table sells for $ far can you ship it for $5? Shipping costs shouldn't be more than about 4% or they become a might be able to get away with 10% if what you have is very unique. You might put up a simple website that covers your products and offers contact information, warranties etc...but I wouldn't spend the money for a shopping cart. Just my opinion...