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Topic subjectNeed input on marketing (regular and on the web.)
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804, Need input on marketing (regular and on the web.)
Posted by Knot Finished, Tue Dec-11-07 01:25 PM
Ok. Everyone tells me I need to be on the web. I have a web site started and I know it is not the greatest at this point. And I need to improve upon it. What I need to know is the best way to do this. And input from fellow retailers as to if putting so uch effort into web site design has increased your bottom line or not. I also need suggestions to take my business to the next level.

I sell unfinished furntirue to customers who can finish it themselves or I can finish it for them. I am also an artist who can custom paint any design on furniture that the customer wants. I also specialize in theme room design and can paint floor cloths, and masonite or canvas murals, as well as formal paintings and tapestry's.

I also carry a full line of log furniture, including bedroom, living room, kitchen and entertainment. As well as pool tables, poker tables, and texas hold em tables.

As well as home accessories. I have over 30 years of experience in finishing furniture, and have over 20 years of office management and bookkeeping. I just need assistance in the best way to market my business to increase knowledge and sales. You can see some of my products on Made In South Dakota .com (listed under furniture) Knot Finished Furniture.

I truly believe in what I do, and want my business to suceed. I just believe it is time to take it to the next level. And find customers outside of Pierre, and South Dakota.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.