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8, My first time here...
Posted by doctorv, Thu Aug-17-06 12:20 PM
Hi everyone!

This is my first time here and I hope I came to the right place to learn. I am a progressive Doctor of Chiropractic looking to learn more about marketing and how I can get my message out to people, especially, the people in my community who still think negatively towards chiropractic care. What does not make sense to me is how so many people out there, maybe you, think daily about good diets, good exercise, positive mental attitude, and many other wellness approaches to their health, yet they don't think about chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I know you don't know me and I don't know you, so our communication should be able to be completely open and honest.

If you are a person who has never looked into chiropractic care as part of your lifestyle, yet you are a wellness lifestyle-oriented person - tell me what it would take to get you to at least have your nerve system checked by a chiropractor.

If you are familiar with chiropractic care - tell me what you feel would help me to get more clients in the door AND KEEP THEM. Maybe you could think back to what brought you into the chiropractic office - the marketing approach used to grab your attention. Tell me.

I am open to all responses. Thank you very much.

Dr V