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Posted by advertisingsos, Fri Aug-17-07 08:33 AM
An extensive research led me to a company called HYPEDRIVE. These people make excellent use of the internet,using blogs,forums and social networks to create a HYPE and DRIVE people?s eyes to where you would like them to be.I still have to find out exactly how they go about it.Being the super curious marketing fanatic, I tried calling them up on their toll free number,poised as a potential customer looking to advertise a super cool texting device. I was surprised at how economical quotes they had. Their campaign starts from as low as 500 bucks?huh !!

They claim to have tripled traffic for their clients.I was left wondering,can something that cheap actually be that effective? I might actually buy my boss into a trial advertising with them..after all it?s just 500 Dollars. I think it?s a real cool idea. And for that price I am sure it will not hurt to atleast give it a shot. Their website is and their Phone number is 866-443-1726 . I am sure this will be of great help...get in touch ..u never know this just might your answer from heaven ...all the best.