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Topic subjectDespertely need help in marketing my portal
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628, Despertely need help in marketing my portal
Posted by vijaya, Mon Aug-06-07 12:45 AM

I have developed a social networking portal that allows one

1. To sell/buy items on a garage sale in your neighborhood
2. To maintain friends and relatives anniversaries.
3. Avail a personal finance tool to save and grow income
4. Network within ones neighborhood, their interest group etc
5. Get guidance on vacation spots depending on budget, time, and choice of interest
6. Place an ad for ones skilled services (electrical, plumbing, driving, counselling etc) availability or requirement
7. Show case ones talents (painting, photography, dolls, candles etc) or buy unique items that otherise may not be found in shops
8. Attend classes for special exams, yoga, dance, music etc
9. Get counseling help for personal, education, finance, health etc
10. Plan a day more efficiently
11. Maintain personal / medical journal
And much more for kids exclusively

This is a beta version and I want to get as much feedback as I can.

I am now facing a major marketing challenge. I need advise in announcing my portal to the world. If I advertise in magazines/paper, because of the budget constraint of the advertisement amount, the ad may be very small and can easily be overlooked and I may not be achieving the results I want.

Thanks in advance for all your help,


PS: Also all small scale business owners, you can put your advertisements under classifieds channel in my portal. You may not get any business right away but as moe subscribers register, your chances are more likey to increase. Right now every thing is free as it is only the beta version of the portal.
630, RE: Despertely need help in marketing my portal
Posted by stellar_87, Tue Aug-07-07 04:34 PM
Not sure if this would work for you,
but I recently visited a coffee shop/internet cafe that gave me an excellent marketing idea.
Like most shops, this one wraps a napkin around each individual latte, cappucino, etc.
Being as the shop is usually filled with students on laptops and other internet goers, someone had gotten the idea to market their online bookstore by getting a simple ad printed on the napkins handed out by the coffee shop. Everyone I saw sitting around me visited this site, and we were all talking about it.

Amy :)
639, RE: Despertely need help in marketing my portal
Posted by bearlygrown, Mon Aug-20-07 10:39 AM

Isnt this called

634, RE: Despertely need help in marketing my portal
Posted by MissAlexandra, Fri Aug-17-07 06:24 AM
I recently visited your site and signed up for a free registration. I am also in the same boat you are regarding marketing of my site. I recently launched a clothing store on and I am having a hard time getting traffic to the site. So far I made a lense on squidoo to promote the site as well as posted an ad on craigslist which is free. Not sure if you have tried those but it might be a start!

Good Luck!

Sarobey Designs
635, RE: Despertely need help in marketing my portal
Posted by advertisingsos, Fri Aug-17-07 08:33 AM
An extensive research led me to a company called HYPEDRIVE. These people make excellent use of the internet,using blogs,forums and social networks to create a HYPE and DRIVE people?s eyes to where you would like them to be.I still have to find out exactly how they go about it.Being the super curious marketing fanatic, I tried calling them up on their toll free number,poised as a potential customer looking to advertise a super cool texting device. I was surprised at how economical quotes they had. Their campaign starts from as low as 500 bucks?huh !!

They claim to have tripled traffic for their clients.I was left wondering,can something that cheap actually be that effective? I might actually buy my boss into a trial advertising with them..after all it?s just 500 Dollars. I think it?s a real cool idea. And for that price I am sure it will not hurt to atleast give it a shot. Their website is and their Phone number is 866-443-1726 . I am sure this will be of great help...get in touch ..u never know this just might your answer from heaven ...all the best.