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Posted by rachelmartinez, Wed Aug-15-07 04:59 PM

Here's a couple of ideas:

Post ads on community message boards. Some are very strict regarding ads. If so, post a question about your sale and include a link to a website for more information or mention benefit to a local group (see second idea). Questions you could ask: What products would you most like to see? What days / hours would be most convienient? Etc. I generally don't recommend "blast marketing" on forums but if you can be friendly and helpful you might be okay.

Parter with a non-profit group that will receive a percentage of the proceeds (net profit). Find a group with an email list of past volunteers / contributors/ members for an even better response. Let media know about the benefit to the non-profit and you might get more coverage. Many media outlets (TV, radio, newspaper) are more willing to list an event for free if there is a non-profit involved.

Have a web site. Or at least a page. You will get more consignors if they can check out terms & conditions online than if they have to call and talk to someone. I don't know of any of these sales in my area but there are a few in Nashville that I have visited their websites.

Post ads on , plus any community calendars you can find. TV stations usually have them as well as weekly alternative papers.

If you have space, rent a couple of tables to crafters or direct sales (home party)vendors. Give them a good deal for sending info on the sale out to their past contacts. Visit to find available vendors in your area. This could bring in more people, plus you'd have at least some guaranteed income to cover your costs.

Hopefully something in there is useful to you. I'd be interested to know how your sale goes.