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Posted by astrosnider, Mon Jul-30-07 09:13 AM
Oooohh..what about a hosting an Open House? With goodies and the like? Set aside a specific set of house, publicize it, and turn on the charm!

Or perhaps, contact some local agencies you know utilize consignment shops and offer your services and why they should use you. I work for a goverment agency that uses shops like yours to help women re-enter the workforce. It's nothing like a large contract or anything, just put a plug in for yourself, you never know what may come of it.

Do you use frequent customer cards? I always use and like these. What about naming the days you are open focused on something specific. Monday is jewelry day, Tuesday suit day, etc. etc. and offering a percentage off on those days? This itself would be just cause for a press release.

Anything and everything you can think of to be different is key! What about local celebrities donating their gently used duds to your shop? Try and contact them, tell them your story, and see what they think...a local news anchor, etc.

Hope this helps!

Angela Strosnider
~Proud Member of Virtual Assistants Networking Association~