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609, Marketing Ideas for Women's Consignment Sale
Posted by vassion, Tue Jul-24-07 03:56 PM
Hello All! I would love any ideas you all may have to market/advertise Dressing Up Diva ~ A Women's Consignment Sale. We need to get women to consign their genty used items (clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, purses ect) and we need to attract the shoppers. Thanks!
616, RE: Marketing Ideas for Women's Consignment Sale
Posted by astrosnider, Mon Jul-30-07 09:13 AM
Oooohh..what about a hosting an Open House? With goodies and the like? Set aside a specific set of house, publicize it, and turn on the charm!

Or perhaps, contact some local agencies you know utilize consignment shops and offer your services and why they should use you. I work for a goverment agency that uses shops like yours to help women re-enter the workforce. It's nothing like a large contract or anything, just put a plug in for yourself, you never know what may come of it.

Do you use frequent customer cards? I always use and like these. What about naming the days you are open focused on something specific. Monday is jewelry day, Tuesday suit day, etc. etc. and offering a percentage off on those days? This itself would be just cause for a press release.

Anything and everything you can think of to be different is key! What about local celebrities donating their gently used duds to your shop? Try and contact them, tell them your story, and see what they think...a local news anchor, etc.

Hope this helps!

Angela Strosnider
~Proud Member of Virtual Assistants Networking Association~

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Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Jul-31-07 09:16 AM
Angela has given you some great ideas, as has the previous poster...

Definitely send out a press release.. but not just the local paper, hit the radio stations and tv too... local news is huge when there is no news.

One way to get women to consign their clothing, etc. is to send out a postal card inviting them to consign their items. It is not so expensive to send and you can target your potential sellers by postal code region. This can be done at the local post offices here in Canada, I don't know if USPS offers this service, but I would look into that, it is not expensive.

Also, advertise with local Placement agencies and what do you call them... schools that help folks find jobs after their training... Vocational schools? You can probably arrange "trunk sales" at such places during placement period.

Good luck, it sounds like a great idea.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
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Posted by Barcelona, Fri Aug-03-07 09:04 AM
The most cost effecive method of advertising for you is "YOU"... get out there and hit the pavement, meet with people and carry great looking business cards and postcards that are loaded with information about you....

good luck
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Posted by vassion, Wed Aug-15-07 05:24 AM
Thanks for the ideas! I have already sent out a press release to every newspaper, radio station and tv station in the region.

I want to clarify that we are not a store, we are a seasonal consignment sale that is held twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall.

Any other great ideas?
632, RE: Marketing Ideas for Women's Consignment Sale
Posted by rachelmartinez, Wed Aug-15-07 04:59 PM

Here's a couple of ideas:

Post ads on community message boards. Some are very strict regarding ads. If so, post a question about your sale and include a link to a website for more information or mention benefit to a local group (see second idea). Questions you could ask: What products would you most like to see? What days / hours would be most convienient? Etc. I generally don't recommend "blast marketing" on forums but if you can be friendly and helpful you might be okay.

Parter with a non-profit group that will receive a percentage of the proceeds (net profit). Find a group with an email list of past volunteers / contributors/ members for an even better response. Let media know about the benefit to the non-profit and you might get more coverage. Many media outlets (TV, radio, newspaper) are more willing to list an event for free if there is a non-profit involved.

Have a web site. Or at least a page. You will get more consignors if they can check out terms & conditions online than if they have to call and talk to someone. I don't know of any of these sales in my area but there are a few in Nashville that I have visited their websites.

Post ads on , plus any community calendars you can find. TV stations usually have them as well as weekly alternative papers.

If you have space, rent a couple of tables to crafters or direct sales (home party)vendors. Give them a good deal for sending info on the sale out to their past contacts. Visit to find available vendors in your area. This could bring in more people, plus you'd have at least some guaranteed income to cover your costs.

Hopefully something in there is useful to you. I'd be interested to know how your sale goes.

673, RE: Marketing Ideas for Women's Consignment Sale
Posted by gachildshop, Wed Sep-05-07 08:13 AM
Don't worry about the consigning. Your store may be empty but that will happen easily. If you place an ad in the neighborhood magazine the sellers will come. You biggest issue is going to be buyers. I own a consignment shop for children and maternity in Roswell,Ga. My problem is finding buyers. if anyone or if you have figured out a way to get buyers in the door please let me know.

You can call me if you like or email

770 594-0473