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Posted by astrosnider, Tue Jul-24-07 05:36 PM

You are right. People are not concerned with paying a bit more money for a more reliable and professional service.

Here's my thoughts: As a towing company, I'd get involved with your community. Get yourself and your name out there to reinforce with your current clients and of course to get them "talking" to potential new clients.

For example, one of our local towing companies recently entered a parade and instead of their actual trucks being in the parade they hung signs on tractors and somehow rigged little kids' PowerWheels up to them. It was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen (I of course have a 5 yr. old who was ecstatic, but I'll never forget it or their name that's for sure.)

Try some cost-efficient, but out-of-the-box approaches:) A slogan such as "Not your ordinary towing company" or perhaps banking on the number of years you've been in service (if this surpasses your competition of course).

People who need the use of tow-trucks, other than those few who are just transporting vehicles, are not usually in a great situation in the first place. Getting in front of them "before" they need you will be key.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck to you.

Angela Strosnider
~Virtual Office & Business Solutions~
~Proud Member of Virtual Assistants Networking Association~