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591, I Need Your Advice
Posted by lane9a, Fri Jul-13-07 04:11 AM
Maybe you can help me to give me some advice.
I have my own website, I want to earn money as well as advertise of my website, Can I do something or not?
I hope you can give me the advice I need.

Thanks for your time and help
592, RE: I Need Your Advice
Posted by davincer01, Sat Jul-14-07 01:21 AM
Here is an advertising specialty business and website owners that offers such things as promotional items and thousands of other items with over 700,000 advertising specialty products, called lottsofthings. It?s a very good place where you can start your search and also u can get more profit. It provides the following:
* Performance Based Advertising.
* Direct Targeting To Specific Audiences.
* Complete Control Over What You Pay and For What.
* 24/7 Account Management Access.
* Online Advertising within 24 Hours.
* Approved Relevancy To Ensure Visitors Get The Results They Need.
* $10 in BiddingCash for Opening an Account Today.
Hope you can get all that you want.

Good luck!
593, RE: I Need Your Advice
Posted by lewgard08, Sun Jul-15-07 10:59 AM
You can place some Goolge Adsense ads on your site. Basically these are ads that relate to the content of your website. You receive a click-through fee for visitors that click the ads from your site. Visit for more info.

Another option is to sign up with affiliate programs such as Commission Junction ( and Linkshare ( Each of these companies have a variety of merchants. Select the ones that compliment the theme of your website, promote specific items from said merchants, and earn a commission on the sale of the items.

Keep in mind, though, that both these types of "income" require a lot of work: knowing what your target market wants, selecting the right merchants and products, and most importantly promotion of your website.

Best of luck,

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627, RE: I Need Your Advice
Posted by jinxmd, Sun Aug-05-07 12:19 PM

Check this out.

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