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79, RE: What has been your best marketing move?
Posted by magicalmoney, Sun Oct-22-06 01:33 AM

Just two months ago I was working on trying to figure out what to do with my advertising and if you want to do internet advertising why don't you check into the link I have below - these are TWO Multi-millionaires that teach how to advertise/market altogether and to market on internet. You can learn the whole site for free.

They have created a FRanchise System that means duplicate what they do and you will have success in promoting your business.

They offer it for free like I said - If you want sign in for free - go to the Member's area and go under Success Guide - if you follow every step of what they say - you will make money, cut your costs for advertising and you will be successful.

If you decide to combine the internet marketing with your business you can do that to and accumulate free leads or business to your business automatically - they have it all set-up like that.

Check into it - you will be surprised how it can help you.

I feel its important to learn how to market yourself before you spend tons on your advertising. Look at it for free and read the Success Guide.

all the best,

"Only losers buy Leads"