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73, RE: What has been your best marketing move?
Posted by Pepperfire, Mon Oct-16-06 10:01 AM
I have to agree with Denny, it is imperative that your product be the best and your customer service be absolutely immaculate -- EVEN if and Especially if, it costs you money.

The one thing in addition to this that we have done that makes a huge difference to our bottom line is that the few marketing dollars (a lot of them, btw) are spent on getting people to taste our product. Once they taste our product, they become customers and once they experience our customer service, they become advocates.

We have a newsletter that I personally write every month to keep our name in their minds and we make a habit of becoming as familiar as we can with our customers. We believe that a customer is all good and well, but we would much rather have advocates!

Take care of what you're offering as Denny suggested and then get out there physically and let everyone and their dog touch, smell, taste, feel what you do... ( I worded it that way because I don't know what you're marketing). IOW, get in their face, hopefully your product and service will make them keep coming back.

Hope my thoughts help add to Denny's.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
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