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66, RE: What has been your best marketing move?
Posted by Phanntom, Sun Oct-15-06 02:51 PM
In answer to your question of our best marketing move. While there will be many who will disagree with me I'm sure, I believe our best marketing move was establishing our quality, in product and customer service as the cornerstone of our company. We evidently have been successful enough that since our first day in business 18 yrs ago, we've never run and ad, issued press releases or spent any money on traditional advertising. In the end, our growth to what will end up being another record year has been word of mouth.

Now something that should be said here is that while we don't pay for advertising, it isn't any cheaper. We spend more manufacturing our product than our competitors do. Also, we deal with a smaller market. Just as there's a smaller market for Lexus than there is for Chevrolet.
Being the best at everything we do is as important as the raw materials used in the products.