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Topic subjectRE: People love our product ... but how to sell in the US or UK?
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595, RE: People love our product ... but how to sell in the US or UK?
Posted by hostingdiva, Mon Jul-16-07 01:44 PM
You will have to partner with someone in the US to get the product out there particularly because people are so cautious because of international scams.

If you're looking for sales people though, you may consider going into one of the work from home mom websites. They have time on their hands and they're always looking for a way to make some extra money. I am SURE you could work something out with a couple of them and make them your "distributors" in the area. You could check out which is probably one of the larger sites. You could also take a look at You may also even want to consider going to the gift basket websites - your product is unique and maybe some of them would be interested in adding it to their baskets or something? You could take a look at for that.

I took a look at your website and I just have a few comments since you're going to be branching out - 1) get rid of that moving banner at the top or if you keep it, it should only go through once (it is quite distracting and makes your text hard to read with the extra blinking); 2) increase the size of the font because it is simply too small (it should be at least size 12); 3) put some "demonstration pictures on the home page - I was not familiar with the product and I had to search all over to figure out what it was. If you say it can be used as a golf tee, have a picture showing it being used that way, etc.

Good luck!!