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Topic subjectPeople love our product ... but how to sell in the US or UK?
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584, People love our product ... but how to sell in the US or UK?
Posted by plasticlip, Wed Jul-11-07 11:26 AM
We have a small injection moulding business in Auckland, New Zealand. Our premium product is a clothespeg (clothespin) we call Mr Peg. "He adds a little character to your peg basket". Check him out at
We have sold to Unilever Australasia for the last two years and they have had two campaigns of inserting one Mr Peg into their Surf Laundry Powder to give a "little extra" away to their customers. In the first 7 month campaign they used 8 million pegs. They also raised market share on their product from 4% to 21.4% in the first 3 months of launch.
Kids and Mum's love the little guy. We investigated selling him in Supermarkets and through a chain store but found there was no margin and everyone wanted "Chinese" pricing, which we can do so long as there is volume sales.
Our product is NZ Made and is quality through and through. We decided to go the fundraising through schools route and have had good success through that but our market in NZ is too small to make a real impact.
What we need is some way of selling offshore in the States or Europe but lack ideas as to how we do it.
We have capacity to produce 70 million pegs on our current tooling, so we don't mind if we sell in small bags or in bulk to someone that bags the pegs or through fundraising.
If you have ideas, know someone, have friends in high places or anything at all, let me know... we NEED HELP!!!
Hey if you read all this right through I thank you for listening.
Lindsay Dearsly
PlastiClip Products