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563, RE: I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
Posted by Pepperfire, Fri Jun-22-07 07:41 AM
Which reminds me of a bad joke...

Guy is walking through town, discovers his watch is broken. A little while later he passes a window with watches and clocks in the window.

He goes in to find a little old Jewish man behind a desk.

"Can you fix my watch", he asks

"Fix your watch?" says the old guy, "I'm a mohel!"

The old guy goes on to explain that mohel is a man who does ritual circumcisions for the Jewish faith.

Puzzled now, the guys asks, "If you're a mohel, then why do you have all those watches and clocks in the window?"

And the mohel replies; "What you want I should put in the window?"


I hope it illustrates my point that whatever you put in the window will be associated with the business behind it. I wouldn't want to field questions about why I have cookies in the window after telling someone I'm a lawyer.

I can't speak for anyone else, but it may be common on the other side of the pond, but simply strikes me as odd, here in Canada.


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